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Homeowner's Insurance

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Homeowner's Policies A homeowner's insurance policy is written on a private residential risk subject to various restrictions and conditions. The homeowner program is a multi-line policy providing both property and liability coverages and is designed for owner occupied dwelling structures.

Generally speaking, a homeowner's policy will provide protection for your home, its contents, and structures appurtenant to your home (such as storage buildings and detached garages).

The actual provisions of a homeowner policy may vary from state to state, company to company, and even policy to policy. It is, therefore, very important for you to read your policy carefully and ask questions of your agent. Pay close attention to the perils (causes of loss) which the homeowner policy protects against. Please note that the actual dwelling and its contents may each be insured against a different set of perils.

Specially designed insurance policies are also available for renters and for people residing in condominiums and townhomes. These policies also typically provide both property and liability coverages. Dwelling policies are also available to protect the interests of landlords in properties they have rented to other.

Call or email our agency to find out what coverages and policies best fit your needs.Three Rivers Insurance can tailor the coverages to fit your unique situation. We provide comprehensive coverages for your most prized possessions, your home and belongings. As an independent agent, we can access insurance products from a number of reputable companies. Give us a call today!

The information presented herein is general in nature and its use is to be limited to illustrative and educational purposes only. The discussion should not be considered as a comprehensive explanation of homeowner's insurance policies or of the insurance industry. For further and more detailed information, please contact a member of our staff, your insurance company or agent, or refer to your actual contract of insurance.